A new habit is growing, nowadays, among the main internet consumers: voice searches. Mainly, it has been powered by instant messaging platforms, an option that poses a new challenge that search engines themselves are already taking and that will affect, in large part, the SEO of the pages.

In the first instance, this type of search stands out for being more colloquial and long by offering more details, so personalization will play an important role, both at an organic and advertising level.

Although SEO itself is really necessary to work from its base to create rigid and consistent structures, you have to take into account some parameters to adapt these pages to the searches that are performed:

Work Local SEO

At this point, it is essential that any brand has an active page in Google My Business, the format par excellence that gains adherents in the most local searches and that allows activating more profiles to favour the appearances.

Having it active includes making daily publications, enriching them with images of the team, the office in which we work, etc. The greater the activity, the better the results in terms of visualizations in the commercial file and on the maps. Therefore, keeping it updated is a crucial premise so that we can appear better in Google results.

Text Development

Although certain tools indicate the most wanted concepts, it is essential that our website has a good structure in terms of the texts that we attach with a series of tips:

  • Opt for descriptions and “natural” details, fleeing technicalities.
  • Use “long tail” concepts in order to cover a greater number of details.
  • Include keywords, but not for the search engines themselves, but for our future customers or buyers.
  • Start always for the most important information and go re-writing the same in terms of specific ideas.
  • The titles constitute one of the areas that generate the most impact when it comes to facilitating access to our websiteor to continue reading, so you have to work on them.

Snippets Or Rich Formats

The well-known “zero position” of Google does not directly affect SEO, but the most optimized websites that best match the information that users seek “will be the first in the ranking”, capable of gaining followers. This must also be taken into account for voice searches to be able to occupy these results.

Develop Pages Or Messages With Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Discovering them can be a great opportunity to create pages with answers to those questions and thus attract people who conduct their searches with more conversational terms. To find out what these frequently asked questions are, some of the best practices are:

  • Ask your sales representative or customer service manager to document the questions you receive by phone, social networks, e-mail, etc .;
  • Study in Google Search Console what are the questions, with your keywords that would attract more traffic to your site;
  • Use the website AnswerThePublic.com to find out what are the most searched questions on Google about your area of ​​activity.