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LinkedIn made a major mistake yesterday.

The de indexed their site from Google search results.

They told Google to take all over their hundreds of millions of pages of LinkedIn and to remove them from Google.

You can read the full article here:

Not good!

Someone made a big time error.  Someone at LinkedIn accidentally no-indexed the site in big G.  And because of this, LinkedIn lost a ton of traffic to the website, temporarily.

It looks like the error occurred in LinkedIn’s Google Search Console dashboard.  Here is what John Mu, the Head Webmaster at Google said on Twitter:

So, basically, don’t do this!

And really, it is a simple mistake.  Why?  Because every major website has upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS, because Google forced the issue.

If your website is not HTTPS, Google will label your website as “Not Secure” to users on Google web browser Chrome.

You can’t have Google saying your website is not secure, so you buy the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and make the upgrade.

Because LinkedIn is HTTPS, someone reasonably thought, they didn’t need to have their HTTP version claimed in Search Console, which really seems logical.

Apparently that is a really bad idea.  Don’t do that for sure!

But a huge stink was made out of it, and it was quickly fixed.

This stuff happens and you need to just be ready to fix things.

There was no permanent damage.  It is just a reminder that the little things matter.

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