Actionable Web Design Tips for Law Firms

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Your law firm will breathe fresh air due to the new web design that you are planning. A new facelift for your website is one of the major techniques for improving your online marketing efforts. Your enriched law firm’s online presence is increased multifold due to web designs.

Before you start involving in the task of web design it is foremost better to outsource the web design project to some top notch professionals in your city.

The highly talented, well versed and experienced web design web designer gives you expected results.

General ideas for your law firm website

Your law firm website must contain valuable content for the readers. It should have a professional touch so that the customer who goes through the website would think high about you. Moreover, the reader has to get quick information and reliable details from the website.

Another important feature of your website is that user friendly and navigation should be very easy. You need to be determined in these features when you are stating your request to the professional web designer. Another important point which you should include in your website header is adding the contact details.

The landing pages of your website should have your name and phone numbers in an attractive way. Go with the introduction about yourself on your website with your photo identity. A professional-looking photo is inevitable so that the viewer could get a ood impression of your firm. From the clients’ point of view, your look should be pleasing to approach without any hesitation.

You should have the following web design actions for the law firms when you work with the web designer

1. A tactful domain name

Do work closely with some experts or well-wishers while choosing the domain name for your website. Have a clear idea when you choose the domain name because it should match the local search. Also, the longevity and practice area aspects have to be given proper importance so that you can remain in the competition for a long time. Keep a stronghold to your domain name choice because it should exactly coincide with your local search results.

The local search such as criminal or civil law on the search engine and your domain name is like criminiallaw.com or civiallaw.com. then the local search matches with your domain name. So, a tactful domain name is very important to your law website.

Never finish the task of the domain name by purchasing because it may change in due course of time, Go for a long haul by choosing an eminent domain name.

2. Mobile-friendly features for an effective website

mobile friendly web design

Your law firm website should have mobile-friendly features without a second thought. The present generation is very fast and hence they need quick results online. So, your website should appear on their mobile phones in an exemplary way so that they can get into your site easily.

A highly technical professional guy for your website is a must because your law website has to appear on any mobile phone without any restrictions. Irrespective of the features of the customer’s mobile phone, your website display should be proper without any discomfort.

In other words, your law firm website should match with any mobile features for displaying in a proper way. Responsive design sites are the need of the hour for a law firm website. Moreover, search engines give more importance to mobile-friendly sites than other sites to a great level. Search Engine optimization techniques should be inculcated to increase your online visibility. More the visibility more the business. Hence, proper SEO techniques are inevitable to your website’s success.

3. Call to action for inviting more customers

An effective law website needs to trigger the passion of the customers to call the contact number on the website. An exclusive law firm should contain a serious and attractive call to action with triggering verbs like “don’t wait”, “ready to call”, “time is running out”, “please call”, “feel free to call”,” call at our toll-free number” ” get a free consultation” “we are with you and waiting for your call”. These verbs of call of action definitely attract customers and you will get more numbers of leads for your law business. Encouraging visitors to call you or contact you in person by your attractive words online give you more leads. The leads are your steps for your success in your life professionally.

4. Rich content website

rich media picture

A content-rich and simple site attracts viewers mostly and easily. Yes, a customer who finds the homepage of your website with what he wants and requires would become your potential lead without any doubt. Yes, the home page should have the content that has all the necessary information. It should directly inform the customer about you and what you are doing to him.

Never use complicated terms very often which a layman never understands. Present your home page and other pages contents in a neat way using simple words.

Do not make customers spending time searching the websites’ phone number and address everywhere online. Let your contact details available to his eyesight very easily. The images and tagline of your website should be captivating. These features should not get distorted when it is viewers on mobile phones

5. Updating and About us page

You should always update your law firm website very often. Old updates or photos may weaken your online presence and customers might lose interest on your website and business. So, regular updates should be done in a professional way. This is apparently seen in the About us page, which is the main page after the home page to the customers.

Be polite and precise when you include details on your about page about your team or company. Introduce your company, team members’ profile and accomplishments in a short way so that the customer gets the required details very shortly and without spending too much time.

Another most important task or tip to your website design is to include the practice areas page. This page should consist of detailed services of your law firm and related details for the customers’ point of view.

Some customers want to understand about your practice details to their level of understanding. So, you include those details in simple terms so that they can understand easily about your offerings.



Why Naming Your Image Files Matters for SEO

name your image files

A lot of people don’t know about the importance of image files names for search engine optimization.

The best way to understand the importance of an image file name is to think of an image file name the same way you think about the URL of a page.  Do you think the URL of a page is important for SEO?

Of course you do!

The file name for an image is important because that is one of the main places that a machine, in this case a bot and specifically we are talking about googlebot, but this is also true of any search bot, comes to look for information, so it can understand what it is looking at.

If you put good information there, the bot has a better chance of understanding what the image is about.

If you put bad information there, the bot will only understand your bad information.

To illustrate this example, there is a screenshot image at the top of this article.  The name of the image is name-your-image-files-for-seo.png.  Now, it was given that file name as an example.

What do you think is better, name-your-image-files-for-seo.png or 2020-04-05_1329.png, which was the default file name for the image?

When a bot comes and crawls that image, it will understand that the image is about “name your image files for seo” and that is a lot more descriptive and helpful for understanding what the image is about than “2020-04-05_1329”.

What the heck is “2020-04-05_1329” about?

No one knows, and neither does the bot.  So it’s important to name your image files.  And you want to make sure you get a keyword in your image files names, just like you would with a page URL.

You also want to think of the Alt Text of an image, like you would the Page Title of an inner page.  In this case I just kept the Alt Text the same as the file name, but you’ll want to do a bit better on your images on pages that you are trying to rank highly in Google

To get a better understanding of this, you can right click on this page, and you can either select Inspect Element, or View Page Source from the drop down menu.  This will show you the content or information on the page the way a bot would see it.

These machines need help understanding what you webpage is about.  This is what SEO is, helping the bots understand your webpages so they can rank them highly and send relevant traffic to you.

Don’t skip on image SEO.  Many people forget this part, or don’t take the time to make these improvements.

Don’t be like that.  Make these improvements.

It will help you show up better in image search in Google.

Image SEO is also really important for Ecomm sites.  If you have a Ecomm site and your aren’t properly naming your image files and Alt Text, you are leaving money on the table.

So, take the time to make a better web page with better images!  You’ll be glad you did.

Here is a good article on Google about make better images: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016?hl=en

And you might also like to read our article: Basic SEO Knowledge You Should Know

Here is a good video that explains more about the importance of properly naming and adding Alt text to your images.  This video is four years old, but do not let that fool you.

This information is still 100 percent relevant today.  Even more relevant actually.

The reason why image SEO is important is because it goes on your webpage, and you are just taking advantage of html, which is the language of the internet, and this is what bots read and understand.


Basic SEO Knowledge You Should Know

SEO Best Practices and Search Trends

1. BERT & EAT Google Updates

Both BERT and EAT were on the top of mind of every important or famous Twitter SEO personality in 2019.  It was yuuuge.

This stuff seems important right?  Who knows?

Just think about this.  Google makes tons of money off of selling Ads, also known as pay per click. You can read this article if you don’t believe me: https://www.statista.com/statistics/266471/distribution-of-googles-revenues-by-source/

Why would they tell you how to rank a website at the top of free or organic Google search result?

They wouldn’t make any money off of you this way.

So they would probably tell you a bunch of fancy sounding things like “algorithm updates” and name them fancy names like the “BERT update” and “EAT update”.

The main thing you need to know about these is to completely disregard them.  It doesn’t matter.  Google is not going to give you the secret sauce, so don’t waste anytime hoping that they will.

Forget about algo updates.

The only updates you need to know are the big important ones that Google will tell you about years ahead of time, like the mobile friendly update, and the http(s) update.

2. Getting a dedicated IP address in the hopes of ranking higher in Search results.

There is a ton of bad advice out there, but I was surprised when I heard this one as it was a first.  And I got this question from a web designer that actually offers SEO services to their clients.


NO!  A dedicated IP address won’t help you rank better.  At all.  This is pure nonsense.  Who even thought to come up with this as an angle to sell dedicated IP’s?

Just ask yourself, “WHY would a dedicated IP address help me to rank better in search?” And when you can’t come up with even a half way decent answer, then you have your answer.  It can’t.

3. The Rise Of Voice Search Results

Ok, I’m going out on a limb on this one.  Unless you are some big enterprise like Amazon or whatever, I wouldn’t worry about voice search, yet.

Voice search was supposed to be big by 2018.  In 2020 I’m still not convinced and spending no efforts on this.  Most businesses, and certainly just about all local businesses, don’t need to worry about voice search.

It’s just not there.  It may never be there.  We’ll see.

I’m still thinking that this is a fad, or that it will just pull the data from the info on a web page as it already is.

I realize I could be wrong about this one.  Don’t worry about optimizing for voice until you are absolutely crushing it will organic search and just looking for small incremental ways to improve.

4. Missing the Massive Opportunity of Optimizing Images for SEO

Most people who work on websites, be it SEO’s, web designers, or even just website owners, don’t take the effort to optimize their images.

This is one of the simplest ways to get more traffic to your website.  The number of people searching Google, then clicking on the “Image” button is increasing every year.

And more and more images are appearing in the search results.

And for years and years website owners keep overlooking this.

Name all your images with appropriate image file names and appropriate Alt text and you’ve got an excellent chance of winning more website visitors with properly optimized images.

It’s easy to do.  Don’t sleep on this!  Yet everyone will.

5. Long Form Content to Get Better Search Result Rankings

This is nonsense.  Google has said length of content is not a ranking factor.  But you also can’t trust what Google says.

From my experience, you simply want to look at the search results.  How many words of content, on average, do the sites on the first 10 organic results have?  Just get that average number of content on your page, and maybe just a little more, to be on the safe side, and that’s it.

And for everyone that says you need a lot of content on a page to rank well, just look at Yelp.  Those pages that almost always rank #1 in local search results have almost no content.  They are just a bunch of business listings and they rank great.

Even so, I’d still go with the average of the first page like I mentioned above.

6. Optimize for Mobile Searches

Google Mobile friendly test

Ok, I know this is old news, but here’s the deal.

A lot of websites pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test, so they are allowed in the mobile index.  But here’s the thing, many of those sites simply pass the test for a computer, but when you do to the site on a phone it is super clunky and doesn’t work right.

Now this is more of a web design thing than an SEO thing.  But this is a real issue.  Double check how your website looks and works on a mobile device.  It is simply passes the Mobile Friendly test, but doesn’t work that well for a human user, then find a web designer that will work with you to improve your site.

Most likely you won’t need a lot of work done.  But these small improvements will lead to a huge benefit.

7. Schema or Structure Data Markup

Everyone likes to talk about schema (you can go here to the official site to learn all you want about schema markup https://schema.org/) because it’s industry jargon that makes the speaker sound very technical.

The truth about schema is that won’t move your website to the top of a Google search.  What schema will do, is give you more attention on a search result.  For example you can see FAQ schema taking up much larger chunks of a page than a listing that doesn’t have FAQ markup on it.

Schema is one of those things you leave until the very end when you have already ranked at the top and you are just looking for those small improvements to get more visibility.

Now, I know this hasn’t been the fanciest article about SEO.  It won’t get any retweets I’m guessing, but what I’ve told you here is what works.  And this is the important stuff with no fluff added.

There is a lot of wonky and just plain bad advice out there.

To get better at search engine opimisation, just build your own websites and learn from experience.  That’s what I did.

If you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend watching the video from Ahrefs.  Just like their blog posts, their videos are very education.  You always learn something and you will walk away with some actionable tips that you can implement, to improve traffic to your website right away.





5 Basics Of SEO Onpage To Make A Professional Web Design

Talking about web page design is also referring to the SEO Onpage. Well, both terms are related to each other during the creation of an online site. Especially when defining everything concerning the design that will have the official portal of your company.

Since, in general, you should give up a very striking and loaded design, to achieve a fresh and professional style. Well, this will be in charge of positioning the web in search engines, which require online sites to maintain fast speed, quality content and images, as well as a fresh style.

Therefore, in this note, we share the most important factors to achieve a professional design as well as how important it is that you rely on professionals to get it.

SEO Onpage: How To Achieve A Professional Web Design

A good web developer, when creating an online site, will emphasize the internal SEO guidelines to be considered. All in order to achieve an optimal, creative and professional page at the same time. And for this, it is necessary to carefully attend and optimize each section that makes up the site.

So take a look at what are the five essential points of internal SEO when doing a professional design :

Set a good page title

This is one of the most important elements when it comes to attending Onpage optimization. Well, adequate indexing of a website establishes as an essential requirement not to exceed 65 characters when defining its title.

And of course, consider at least one keyword that keeps the reference to the topics to be discussed on the page in general.

Something very important to keep in mind is the selection of the keyword, which should be studied so that it is not similar to the competition since this will avoid creating confusion among users when searching the website by its title.

For this, the most convenient thing is to use alternatives that preserve the specific words that you really want to position. And of course, at all times the coherence between the web philosophy and the selected keyword must be respected.

The final result should be a short, concise and direct title. The same should give an opening of what will be seen on the web, and that is easy to remember.

Well, keep in mind that the main objective is that search engines are able to detect the page . Especially when positioning the websites in the first places.

Define friendly URLs

It is important to think in a simple and simple direction, which the user can easily remember. In addition, to make it more comfortable to recognize, it should not contain symbols or peculiar characters. And of course, you should consider the inclusion of the optimization that defines your company’s website in general.

Friendly URLs allow the user to easily locate on the page, and also so that search engines can position it in the first places.

Generate and load quality content

Creating creative web pages goes beyond using beautiful colours and a fresh style. The creation of content must also follow this same line, in addition to being of quality in order to engage potential users. And of course, get search engines to consider your website when positioning pages in the first places.

To achieve a professional design through the contents, it is important to consider the following:

  • Long-tail keywords: users have changed the way they seek their interests online. Now they want more accurate results, so they are using keywords made up of two or more words. And this is what you should consider on your company’s website to get it to be in the first places.
  • 100% optimized text: keywords should also be included in prominent places. And more importantly, consider synonyms to give more context to the content while covering other keywords.
  • Quality images: good size and good quality. The images should also be optimized, considering the keywords.

Define An Optimal Navigation Structure

If we talk about creating web pages, you should keep in mind that good design is achieved considering even the ‘smallest’ detail. Well, even if you don’t believe it, even the navigation panel that your clients will encounter, will tell you how professional your website is.

In this case, the key is to define a navigation structure that remains visible, and that is simple, without being so reloaded. In addition, it is a plus if you include an internal search engine that allows users to directly reach the information they are looking for.

Also, the inclusion of internal links is also important. Well, the time spent on the web is encouraged. As well as the knowledge of the rest of the tabs, contents, products and / or services offered in it.

It should also be borne in mind that the internal links make it easy for searchers location of the contents of the page, slowing dreaded bounce rates.

Achieve A Fast Loading Speed

A professional design is achieved by attending aesthetic aspects, and deeper ones, such as loading speed. Your users will not wait for more than 10 seconds for your website to load. They want information, and if it’s not with you, it will be with the competition. So you will have to make sure that your website loads all the elements quickly.

And if you also work in the development of web applications referring to your company, loading speed is an equally relevant aspect.

The general optimization of a website requires constant adaptation based on changes in search engines. Therefore, it demands the inclusion of professionals in marketing that allow you to increase the visibility of your company on the Internet. And in turn, the perceived benefits.…


How To Design A Web Page Without Losing Seo

Today we will talk about a topic that you will surely have found on more than one occasion: update the design of the website that works on web positioning or SEO. As usual, many clients come to our web design agency with the desire to renew their website.

Previously, the client had a web page with a design that moved far away from the target audience. It was cold, sober and serious. On the other hand, for the new version, we wanted to bet on a more modern and fresh design, more appropriate for the students they are addressing.

The new website is better programmed and designed so that it adapts to all devices, whether mobile or tablet. In addition, the programmed technology is far superior to the previous one, achieving a higher loading speed and a better user experience.

Obviously, so that a web page does not lose all the organic positioning obtained so far, you have to work the URLs of the new web page and prepare a file with redirection 301 to avoid 404 errors or pages not found, the typical error that many companies and that do not take into account. On the other hand, even if it seems silly, you have to keep in mind the code of G. Analytics or Google Tag Manager, since without it it will be very difficult to analyze user behaviour.

Another aspect to consider is the content of the website. As has happened on this occasion, we have lost several static pages causing the current one to have a lower number of indexed pages and, with it, we must work and optimize the rest of the new pages to avoid the decrease of pages.

Once we have the web page published, we will have to touch up the titles and descriptions and work on those new attributes such as the alts of the images or titles of internal links, menu titles … In the coming months, we will follow the project closely to see how it is evolving and Check that everything works correctly and that there is no lost organic positioning in search engines.

Before Making Your Web Change

Before making the change, there are a series of previous tasks that you have to do to avoid having problems in the future, since not doing so before making the change you will not be able to perform later.

  1. Control the current status of your SEO

Whether you are an individual or if you are an SEO agency, it is essential to avoid claims to have control of the current status. For this purpose, I use a report from Search Console (Webmaster Tools). After a month of the migration of your website, you must make a comparison by dates to know if you have really lost or not some SEO.

  1. Control of your domain URLs

This is usually the most common fault, especially when you make a change from Prestashop to WordPress or vice versa since the URLs they use are completely different. To know what the URLs of your domain are you have several options, but the most efficient is to use the sitemap of the CMS itself. Later we will talk more extensively about this problem.

  1. Indexing Status

It is important for SEO to have control of the URLs that Google has indexed your domain, keep in mind that every URL you lose can be decisive as far as traffic is concerned. For this, it is best to draw two reports from the Search Console. Before, during and after the change you have to control the entire indexing state.

  • Search traffic / Search analysis / Pages
  • Google Index / Indexing Status
  1. SEO improvement proposal

If Your website is an eCommerce, you can implement a product comparator or include an offer section. If it is information medium, it includes new sections to attract new visits from other keywords.

The New Design Of Your Web And Seo

The first thing to keep in mind is to know who is responsible for the design of your website, as cited in the first paragraph. You must have a clearly defined SEO strategy since you are going to have to make decisions, some of the minor importance and others more important, such as including new content or removing URLs.

In general, it must contain the same structure as the previous page so that SEO does not suffer, especially that of the keypad, maintaining the same button texts. But all this is a priori since, in the improvement phase, you must use Google Analytics and Search Console to determine the position of the content and whether or not it should remain on your new website.

If you are going to modify the content of parts of your website, an action that we will now talk about, it is essential that you find out what are the words by which each of the URLs you modify is positioned. For this, you can use the “Search Analysis” of Search Console again. Keep in mind that if a URL is positioned by a word and you remove that word from that URL, in a very short time the URL will no longer be positioned by that word. This is a very common flaw in design changes.

With Google Analytics, you have the option of “Page Analytics” which you can access from the “Behavior ” section. Now you can define what the content that is interesting and what is not for your users is, so you can evaluate which part of your website will not be integrated into the new design. But before making a decision, you have to go to the next point of the analysis, to determine if it is relevant for your SEO in addition to your users.


Each migration or step from one design to another is completely different. In the more than ten years that I have been carrying out this process, I have never encountered two identical cases, but I think you already have more than enough information to realize that it is a process in which to have someone to control all the SEO processes of Your page when you change the web is essential since these processes are not common in programmers or web designers.