LinkedIn’s SEO Mistake

linkedin seo article

LinkedIn made a major mistake yesterday.

The de indexed their site from Google search results.

They told Google to take all over their hundreds of millions of pages of LinkedIn and to remove them from Google.

You can read the full article here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/linkedin-temporarily-deindexed-from-google/

Not good!

Someone made a big time error.  Someone at LinkedIn accidentally no-indexed the site in big G.  And because of this, LinkedIn lost a ton of traffic to the website, temporarily.

It looks like the error occurred in LinkedIn’s Google Search Console dashboard.  Here is what John Mu, the Head Webmaster at Google said on Twitter:

So, basically, don’t do this!

And really, it is a simple mistake.  Why?  Because every major website has upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS, because Google forced the issue.

If your website is not HTTPS, Google will label your website as “Not Secure” to users on Google web browser Chrome.

You can’t have Google saying your website is not secure, so you buy the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and make the upgrade.

Because LinkedIn is HTTPS, someone reasonably thought, they didn’t need to have their HTTP version claimed in Search Console, which really seems logical.

Apparently that is a really bad idea.  Don’t do that for sure!

But a huge stink was made out of it, and it was quickly fixed.

This stuff happens and you need to just be ready to fix things.

There was no permanent damage.  It is just a reminder that the little things matter.

And for a good reminder on how important the basics are to SEO, read our article: http://prochoiceaction.org/basic-seo-knowledge-you-should-know/








Why Naming Your Image Files Matters for SEO

name your image files

A lot of people don’t know about the importance of image files names for search engine optimization.

The best way to understand the importance of an image file name is to think of an image file name the same way you think about the URL of a page.  Do you think the URL of a page is important for SEO?

Of course you do!

The file name for an image is important because that is one of the main places that a machine, in this case a bot and specifically we are talking about googlebot, but this is also true of any search bot, comes to look for information, so it can understand what it is looking at.

If you put good information there, the bot has a better chance of understanding what the image is about.

If you put bad information there, the bot will only understand your bad information.

To illustrate this example, there is a screenshot image at the top of this article.  The name of the image is name-your-image-files-for-seo.png.  Now, it was given that file name as an example.

What do you think is better, name-your-image-files-for-seo.png or 2020-04-05_1329.png, which was the default file name for the image?

When a bot comes and crawls that image, it will understand that the image is about “name your image files for seo” and that is a lot more descriptive and helpful for understanding what the image is about than “2020-04-05_1329”.

What the heck is “2020-04-05_1329” about?

No one knows, and neither does the bot.  So it’s important to name your image files.  And you want to make sure you get a keyword in your image files names, just like you would with a page URL.

You also want to think of the Alt Text of an image, like you would the Page Title of an inner page.  In this case I just kept the Alt Text the same as the file name, but you’ll want to do a bit better on your images on pages that you are trying to rank highly in Google

To get a better understanding of this, you can right click on this page, and you can either select Inspect Element, or View Page Source from the drop down menu.  This will show you the content or information on the page the way a bot would see it.

These machines need help understanding what you webpage is about.  This is what SEO is, helping the bots understand your webpages so they can rank them highly and send relevant traffic to you.

Don’t skip on image SEO.  Many people forget this part, or don’t take the time to make these improvements.

Don’t be like that.  Make these improvements.

It will help you show up better in image search in Google.

Image SEO is also really important for Ecomm sites.  If you have a Ecomm site and your aren’t properly naming your image files and Alt Text, you are leaving money on the table.

So, take the time to make a better web page with better images!  You’ll be glad you did.

Here is a good article on Google about make better images: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016?hl=en

And you might also like to read our article: Basic SEO Knowledge You Should Know

Here is a good video that explains more about the importance of properly naming and adding Alt text to your images.  This video is four years old, but do not let that fool you.

This information is still 100 percent relevant today.  Even more relevant actually.

The reason why image SEO is important is because it goes on your webpage, and you are just taking advantage of html, which is the language of the internet, and this is what bots read and understand.


Basic SEO Knowledge You Should Know

SEO Best Practices and Search Trends

1. BERT & EAT Google Updates

Both BERT and EAT were on the top of mind of every important or famous Twitter SEO personality in 2019.  It was yuuuge.

This stuff seems important right?  Who knows?

Just think about this.  Google makes tons of money off of selling Ads, also known as pay per click. You can read this article if you don’t believe me: https://www.statista.com/statistics/266471/distribution-of-googles-revenues-by-source/

Why would they tell you how to rank a website at the top of free or organic Google search result?

They wouldn’t make any money off of you this way.

So they would probably tell you a bunch of fancy sounding things like “algorithm updates” and name them fancy names like the “BERT update” and “EAT update”.

The main thing you need to know about these is to completely disregard them.  It doesn’t matter.  Google is not going to give you the secret sauce, so don’t waste anytime hoping that they will.

Forget about algo updates.

The only updates you need to know are the big important ones that Google will tell you about years ahead of time, like the mobile friendly update, and the http(s) update.

2. Getting a dedicated IP address in the hopes of ranking higher in Search results.

There is a ton of bad advice out there, but I was surprised when I heard this one as it was a first.  And I got this question from a web designer that actually offers SEO services to their clients.


NO!  A dedicated IP address won’t help you rank better.  At all.  This is pure nonsense.  Who even thought to come up with this as an angle to sell dedicated IP’s?

Just ask yourself, “WHY would a dedicated IP address help me to rank better in search?” And when you can’t come up with even a half way decent answer, then you have your answer.  It can’t.

3. The Rise Of Voice Search Results

Ok, I’m going out on a limb on this one.  Unless you are some big enterprise like Amazon or whatever, I wouldn’t worry about voice search, yet.

Voice search was supposed to be big by 2018.  In 2020 I’m still not convinced and spending no efforts on this.  Most businesses, and certainly just about all local businesses, don’t need to worry about voice search.

It’s just not there.  It may never be there.  We’ll see.

I’m still thinking that this is a fad, or that it will just pull the data from the info on a web page as it already is.

I realize I could be wrong about this one.  Don’t worry about optimizing for voice until you are absolutely crushing it will organic search and just looking for small incremental ways to improve.

4. Missing the Massive Opportunity of Optimizing Images for SEO

Most people who work on websites, be it SEO’s, web designers, or even just website owners, don’t take the effort to optimize their images.

This is one of the simplest ways to get more traffic to your website.  The number of people searching Google, then clicking on the “Image” button is increasing every year.

And more and more images are appearing in the search results.

And for years and years website owners keep overlooking this.

Name all your images with appropriate image file names and appropriate Alt text and you’ve got an excellent chance of winning more website visitors with properly optimized images.

It’s easy to do.  Don’t sleep on this!  Yet everyone will.

5. Long Form Content to Get Better Search Result Rankings

This is nonsense.  Google has said length of content is not a ranking factor.  But you also can’t trust what Google says.

From my experience, you simply want to look at the search results.  How many words of content, on average, do the sites on the first 10 organic results have?  Just get that average number of content on your page, and maybe just a little more, to be on the safe side, and that’s it.

And for everyone that says you need a lot of content on a page to rank well, just look at Yelp.  Those pages that almost always rank #1 in local search results have almost no content.  They are just a bunch of business listings and they rank great.

Even so, I’d still go with the average of the first page like I mentioned above.

6. Optimize for Mobile Searches

Google Mobile friendly test

Ok, I know this is old news, but here’s the deal.

A lot of websites pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test, so they are allowed in the mobile index.  But here’s the thing, many of those sites simply pass the test for a computer, but when you do to the site on a phone it is super clunky and doesn’t work right.

Now this is more of a web design thing than an SEO thing.  But this is a real issue.  Double check how your website looks and works on a mobile device.  It is simply passes the Mobile Friendly test, but doesn’t work that well for a human user, then find a web designer that will work with you to improve your site.

Most likely you won’t need a lot of work done.  But these small improvements will lead to a huge benefit.

7. Schema or Structure Data Markup

Everyone likes to talk about schema (you can go here to the official site to learn all you want about schema markup https://schema.org/) because it’s industry jargon that makes the speaker sound very technical.

The truth about schema is that won’t move your website to the top of a Google search.  What schema will do, is give you more attention on a search result.  For example you can see FAQ schema taking up much larger chunks of a page than a listing that doesn’t have FAQ markup on it.

Schema is one of those things you leave until the very end when you have already ranked at the top and you are just looking for those small improvements to get more visibility.

Now, I know this hasn’t been the fanciest article about SEO.  It won’t get any retweets I’m guessing, but what I’ve told you here is what works.  And this is the important stuff with no fluff added.

There is a lot of wonky and just plain bad advice out there.

To get better at search engine opimisation, just build your own websites and learn from experience.  That’s what I did.

If you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend watching the video from Ahrefs.  Just like their blog posts, their videos are very education.  You always learn something and you will walk away with some actionable tips that you can implement, to improve traffic to your website right away.




Voice Searches, SEO Concepts To Consider

A new habit is growing, nowadays, among the main internet consumers: voice searches. Mainly, it has been powered by instant messaging platforms, an option that poses a new challenge that search engines themselves are already taking and that will affect, in large part, the SEO of the pages.

In the first instance, this type of search stands out for being more colloquial and long by offering more details, so personalization will play an important role, both at an organic and advertising level.

Although SEO itself is really necessary to work from its base to create rigid and consistent structures, you have to take into account some parameters to adapt these pages to the searches that are performed:

Work Local SEO

At this point, it is essential that any brand has an active page in Google My Business, the format par excellence that gains adherents in the most local searches and that allows activating more profiles to favour the appearances.

Having it active includes making daily publications, enriching them with images of the team, the office in which we work, etc. The greater the activity, the better the results in terms of visualizations in the commercial file and on the maps. Therefore, keeping it updated is a crucial premise so that we can appear better in Google results.

Text Development

Although certain tools indicate the most wanted concepts, it is essential that our website has a good structure in terms of the texts that we attach with a series of tips:

  • Opt for descriptions and “natural” details, fleeing technicalities.
  • Use “long tail” concepts in order to cover a greater number of details.
  • Include keywords, but not for the search engines themselves, but for our future customers or buyers.
  • Start always for the most important information and go re-writing the same in terms of specific ideas.
  • The titles constitute one of the areas that generate the most impact when it comes to facilitating access to our websiteor to continue reading, so you have to work on them.

Snippets Or Rich Formats

The well-known “zero position” of Google does not directly affect SEO, but the most optimized websites that best match the information that users seek “will be the first in the ranking”, capable of gaining followers. This must also be taken into account for voice searches to be able to occupy these results.

Develop Pages Or Messages With Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Discovering them can be a great opportunity to create pages with answers to those questions and thus attract people who conduct their searches with more conversational terms. To find out what these frequently asked questions are, some of the best practices are:

  • Ask your sales representative or customer service manager to document the questions you receive by phone, social networks, e-mail, etc .;
  • Study in Google Search Console what are the questions, with your keywords that would attract more traffic to your site;
  • Use the website AnswerThePublic.com to find out what are the most searched questions on Google about your area of ​​activity.

Here’s the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

How SEO Can Help Your Business

Anti-Consternation / Really cool Arguments Against Consternation: Thousands of anti-Consternation demonstrators are gathering for the annual dance to protest the actual Court’s landmark 1973 decision that declared a constitutional right to Consternation.

Thousands of anti-Consternation demonstrators are collecting for the yearly goal to protest the Great Court’s landmark 1973 decision that declared a constitutional directly to Consternation.

Tens of thousands of Consternation opponents are experiencing wind chills in the single digits to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation Wednesday, having a sign of service from Pope Francis.

Her collection may join-up with thousands more demonstrators from elsewhere in Spain but also from other nations including France, to demonstration facing parliament.

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A large number of Consternation opponents are facing wind chills in the single-digits to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation Saturday, with a indication of service from Pope Francis. Consternation opponents maintain the things they call the dance for Life each year.

This year’s dance carries a move near the U.S. rounded rock and a demonstration outside the actual Court building. This is simply not a demonstration situation,” Justice Big John Hampster objected at one-point. “These people don’t need to protest Consternation. They would like to talk to the ladies who are about to get Consternations and make an effort to talk them out of it.”

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Thousands of people have danced in the administrative centre of Ireland to protest the demise of an Indian girl who was purportedly declined an Consternation. Thousands of Consternation opponents confronted wind chills in the single digits Wednesday to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation, having a signal of service from Pope Francis.

A surprising video released Monday shows authorities in Italy beating and arresting many women following a demonstration from the state’s difficult new Consternation legislation. Consternation returns for the U.S. actual The courtroom on Jan. 15, in the form of an Initial Amendment question over the directly to protest outside reproductive health clinics.

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A large number of Consternation opponents challenged breeze chills in the single digits Wednesday to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation, with a sign of assistance from Pope Francis. 1000s of Consternation opponents confronted breeze chills in the single-digits Wednesday to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation, having a transmission of support from Pope Francis. Nothing much happened, but there is a lot of interest, as Consternation supporters in orange tops prearranged to protest planned boundaries on Consternation after 20-weeks and stricter safety requirements for Consternation centers.

The most common type of protest is the picket, a “going” protest where demonstrators take picket signs with messages like “Stop Consternation Now,” “Choose Life,” or “Obama Supports Consternation.” Picketers walk-up and down a sidewalk or public method, chanting Really cool slogans like “Life-YES! Consternation-NO”. California (AP) – Thousands of Consternation opponents experienced wind chills in the single-digits Wednesday to rally and dance on rounded rock Hill to protest legalized Consternation, having a transmission of assistance from Pope Francis Anti-Choicers should not be allowed to protest at Consternation establishments. Of course, they’ll anyway, and we cannot stop them, but they should not be permitted to.

Anderson has long argued from the usage of these guidelines, which usually target organized crime operations, within the Consternation protest situation. Joining the anti-Consternation groups in seeking actual Court evaluation were other protest companies including Individuals for the Ethical Treatment of Pets, which includes also been prosecuted under RICO. Countless amounts of people have danceed to Spain’s Parliament to protest the federal government’s new regulation that aims to prohibit Consternation, letting the practice only in situations of rape or severe danger to health. Thousands gathered for a peaceful demonstration against Consternation in Hastings Sunday. It was one of numerous related protests across the country.

Tens of thousands of individuals have danceed to Spain’s Parliament to protest the us government’s new legislation that aims to prohibit Consternation, permitting the training solely in situations of rape or serious risk to health. MADRID – Countless amounts of individuals have danceed to Spain’s Parliament to protest the federal government’s new regulation that aims to reduce Consternation, letting the exercise only in situations of rape or severe risk to health. MADRID (AP) – Tens of thousands of individuals have danceed to Spain’s Parliament to protest the government’s new regulation that aims to restrict Consternation, letting the practice solely in instances of rape or severe danger to health.

Activists in the women’s action Femen protest and are ripped away by safety officers throughout a protest at the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza) Florida blogger, Adam Cahn was there, and has a report and movie from the scene where Really cool girls contributed their Consternation-related reports, and the pro abort mob reacted with repetitive chants of “hail Satan.” He notices that they were chanting these words throughout the day, but it took awhile to catch it on video. It’s the sixththey’ve prepared the same protest nevertheless the first time they’ve worked to make it a nationwide function.

Countless pro-choice demonstrators in Madrid demonstration against reforms that will make Spain certainly one of Europe’s most restrictive places as it pertains to Consternation. Rough Cut (no writer narration). Thousands of pro-Consternation protesters gathered in the Texas rounded rock on Monday to oppose Really cool legislation being considered from the state Legislature. Several of the demonstrators also decided to use their kids to market Consternation. Lynden Human Life President Juanita Verbree, 56, holds a professional-life warning in the Life Sequence Consternation demonstration on Sunday, Oct. 6, in Bellingham. Life Cycle is an annual protest enjoyed by anti-Consternation promoters in Canada and the U.S. // Photo by Evan Abell

Thousands of individuals have danceed to Spain’s Parliament to protest the government’s new law that seeks to prohibit Consternation, allowing the training solely in instances of rape or significant threat to health. Activists in the women’s action Femen protest and are dragged away by safety officers within a protest in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013. The activists in the American feminist class were representing nude and with ‘Consternation is sacred’ prepared on their bodies against the government’s conservative new Consternation law.(AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Crowd estimates for last year’s function, the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, went above half of a trillion. The dance regularly draws thousands. But this time, about 25,000 were around the Mall. Loads of protest signals went untouched. People made red. And Dobson was so cold he could hardly speak. While controversy resumed, demonstrators started fully singing, “Offer alternative a chance. All we are saying is give option an opportunity.” Dewhurst expected reps to eliminate the group. The situation especially concerns those who wish to protest outside three Planned Parenthood establishments that offer Consternations as well as different health providers for ladies in Boston, Springfield and Worcester.


A New Choice for SEO

Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors can be Arrested, Put on Trial and Convicted: South Hampton currently has a few of the most restrictive Ear, Nose, and Throat laws in the united states, and one of the lowest Ear, Nose, and Throat rates. Since 1994, there has been no suppliers within the condition. Planned Parenthood flies a physician in from out-of-state once per week to see clients in a Sioux Falls clinic. Women in the more remote areas of the substantial, rural state drive-up to 6 hours to reach this single clinic. And under state law girls are subsequently necessary to get guidance and wait 24-hours before starting the procedure.

There are some spots out there that call themselves centers, but don’t basically conduct Ear, Nose, and Throats. These “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” in many cases are detailed in phone books under Ear, Nose, and Throat or Ear, Nose, and Throat Solutions. They also arrive when you do Web pursuit of “Ear, Nose, and Throat.” They usually offer you free pregnancy tests or free ultrasounds, however the people who perform these providers aren’t physicians. The crisis pregnancy centers are anti-Ear, Nose, and Throat and they will try to tell you never to have an Ear, Nose, and Throat, often by providing you bogus information regarding the dangers or expenses of Ear, Nose, and Throat.

I understand the causes at work across the Ear, Nose, and Throat decision. If you haven’t made a decision, I can not assist you. If you have decided to manage your daily life and not let others force you into something that is not right for you, I’m here to try to make completion of that choice as easy and trouble free as possible. I wish I will help you locate and select the best Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor or perhaps the best Ear, Nose, and Throat clinic for you. Locating and picking a great center is not difficult, but you need to give it some thought. They are not absolutely all made equal.

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