Talking about web page design is also referring to the SEO Onpage. Well, both terms are related to each other during the creation of an online site. Especially when defining everything concerning the design that will have the official portal of your company.

Since, in general, you should give up a very striking and loaded design, to achieve a fresh and professional style. Well, this will be in charge of positioning the web in search engines, which require online sites to maintain fast speed, quality content and images, as well as a fresh style.

Therefore, in this note, we share the most important factors to achieve a professional design as well as how important it is that you rely on professionals to get it.

SEO Onpage: How To Achieve A Professional Web Design

A good web developer, when creating an online site, will emphasize the internal SEO guidelines to be considered. All in order to achieve an optimal, creative and professional page at the same time. And for this, it is necessary to carefully attend and optimize each section that makes up the site.

So take a look at what are the five essential points of internal SEO when doing a professional design :

Set a good page title

This is one of the most important elements when it comes to attending Onpage optimization. Well, adequate indexing of a website establishes as an essential requirement not to exceed 65 characters when defining its title.

And of course, consider at least one keyword that keeps the reference to the topics to be discussed on the page in general.

Something very important to keep in mind is the selection of the keyword, which should be studied so that it is not similar to the competition since this will avoid creating confusion among users when searching the website by its title.

For this, the most convenient thing is to use alternatives that preserve the specific words that you really want to position. And of course, at all times the coherence between the web philosophy and the selected keyword must be respected.

The final result should be a short, concise and direct title. The same should give an opening of what will be seen on the web, and that is easy to remember.

Well, keep in mind that the main objective is that search engines are able to detect the page . Especially when positioning the websites in the first places.

Define friendly URLs

It is important to think in a simple and simple direction, which the user can easily remember. In addition, to make it more comfortable to recognize, it should not contain symbols or peculiar characters. And of course, you should consider the inclusion of the optimization that defines your company’s website in general.

Friendly URLs allow the user to easily locate on the page, and also so that search engines can position it in the first places.

Generate and load quality content

Creating creative web pages goes beyond using beautiful colours and a fresh style. The creation of content must also follow this same line, in addition to being of quality in order to engage potential users. And of course, get search engines to consider your website when positioning pages in the first places.

To achieve a professional design through the contents, it is important to consider the following:

  • Long-tail keywords: users have changed the way they seek their interests online. Now they want more accurate results, so they are using keywords made up of two or more words. And this is what you should consider on your company’s website to get it to be in the first places.
  • 100% optimized text: keywords should also be included in prominent places. And more importantly, consider synonyms to give more context to the content while covering other keywords.
  • Quality images: good size and good quality. The images should also be optimized, considering the keywords.

Define An Optimal Navigation Structure

If we talk about creating web pages, you should keep in mind that good design is achieved considering even the ‘smallest’ detail. Well, even if you don’t believe it, even the navigation panel that your clients will encounter, will tell you how professional your website is.

In this case, the key is to define a navigation structure that remains visible, and that is simple, without being so reloaded. In addition, it is a plus if you include an internal search engine that allows users to directly reach the information they are looking for.

Also, the inclusion of internal links is also important. Well, the time spent on the web is encouraged. As well as the knowledge of the rest of the tabs, contents, products and / or services offered in it.

It should also be borne in mind that the internal links make it easy for searchers location of the contents of the page, slowing dreaded bounce rates.

Achieve A Fast Loading Speed

A professional design is achieved by attending aesthetic aspects, and deeper ones, such as loading speed. Your users will not wait for more than 10 seconds for your website to load. They want information, and if it’s not with you, it will be with the competition. So you will have to make sure that your website loads all the elements quickly.

And if you also work in the development of web applications referring to your company, loading speed is an equally relevant aspect.

The general optimization of a website requires constant adaptation based on changes in search engines. Therefore, it demands the inclusion of professionals in marketing that allow you to increase the visibility of your company on the Internet. And in turn, the perceived benefits.